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  EMISSION DU 27/12/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 nunofyrbeeswax what´s yr problem stratotoaster twintoe

2 kneeling in piss pervert today music for peasants anyway

3 kill your boyfriend jean killadelica shyrec

4 peeling cold hands worshipper labyrinth

5 tripaw´d cagohhongue post tense help autoproduction

6 asenath anyox para-abnormal decay´s way silvis

7 echoplain here i stand polaroid malibu atypeek music

8 frana moody glues disastersss antena krzyku

9 ryoki center enthused strychnine autoproduction

10 glass siren couquilles saint jacques factory town autoproduction

11 dirty baby bern (mix) v/a: psych against cancer vol 2 part 2 psych lovers

12 morning eagle deadlock slide autoproduction

13 the kunts boris johnson is a fucking cunt boris johnson is a fucking cunt disco minge

14 bnlx what do you have for me under the tree what do you have for me under the tree susstones

15 pigeon mute v/a: flennen n° x flennen

16 kill your boyfriend nancy killadelica shyrec

17 peeling capricorn worshipper labyrinth

18 grazer why bother why bother autoproduction

19 traveling with monika creeping creeping autoproduction

20 silicon heartbeat building a shrine earth static ep goodbye boozy

21 magnetix freaky bear v/a: solidarity! - the second wave mort clique shows

22 pedigree new freak connected? rockerill

23 whisper dish they don´t know they don´t know table talk

24 here the captain speaking, the captain is dead lithium sturm flux capacitor autoproduction

25 memory foam memory foam memory foam autoproduction

26 mclusky stop feeding the houseplants (demo) stop feeding the houseplants (demo) autoproduction

27 custom mummy psychomammy syndicate circuit-die-a-gram fujimi industry

28 mange ferraille erba spontanea erba spontanea kerviniou

29 cult message run the sand cult message - demo 2020 demo fest

30 kill your boyfriend eva killadelica shyrec

31 peeling worshipper worshipper labyrinth

Artiste: peeling
Album: worshipper
Label: labyrinth

Artiste: kill your boyfriend
Album: killadelica
Label: shyrec

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