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  EMISSION DU 31/01/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 m281 raze raze autoproduction

2 toe ring this is the end collapsed mine // this is the end autoproduction

3 nunofyrbeeswax days and days stratotoaster twintoe

4 young ruins usa today severance play unovis workshop

5 sister wives i fyny af / rise crags delicious clam

6 koura destroyer koura autoproduction

7 nice biscuit limbs create simulate believe digital

8 iss spikes spikes autoproduction

9 usa nails my body v/a: petbrick / usa nails split god unknown

10 help stop 2053 autoproduction

11 cheekface call your mom emphatically no. new professor music

12 swansea sound je ne sais quoi indies of the world skep wax

13 mj lenderman & wednesday terminex guttering autoproduction

14 repo fam king of marvin gardens whipped cream autoproduction

15 nunofyrbeeswax immerse stratotoaster twintoe

16 young ruins actual women severance play unovis workshop

17 it it anita ghost sauvé vicious circle

18 gaffa bandana charm offensive fraught in waves human worth

19 pir öken öken ouyee bayou

20 ero guro wanna survive yin dang belly button

21 skwats beamer and the fame suckers angst, lust and dreams perspex icon

22 warm drag your thunder and your lightning butch things six tonnes de chair

23 gary, indiana alien 3 alien 3 fire talk

24 the rats on rafts the disappearance of dr. duplicate excerpts from chapter 3: the mind runs a net of rabbit paths fire

25 dridge leech ruby world gone mad

26 chelsea wolfe / emma ruth rundle anhedonia anhedonia sargent house

27 cosmo grão de olho no furacão cosmo grão e o reflexo do que não se vê sinewave

28 young ruins low enforcement severance play unovis workshop

29 nunofyrbeeswax dolphin stratotoaster twintoe

Artiste: nunofyrbeeswax
Album: stratotoaster
Label: twintoe

Artiste: young ruins
Album: severance play
Label: unovis workshop

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