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  EMISSION DU 07/02/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kai cult cigarette burns cigarette burns autoproduction

2 kalaallit nunaat nothing television autoproduction

3 gravel samwidge long distance drive complaints swashbuckling hobo

4 cate von csoke coyote cry almoon autoproduction

5 pretty in pink hang up pretty in pink eternal soundcheck

6 funeral flower wasted paint perverse autoproduction

7 nokti zlatna beba cockschmerzen hauruck!

8 nonagon hack they birds controlled burn

9 sarcasm digital colony creeping life static shock

10 suicide hotline the mess you used to be sitcom suicide joke autoproduction

11 the pleasure holes one day out of mind autoproduction

11 mister baby cakeshop sidewalk pop paisley shirt

12 the yummy mouths white noise ugh! gazer tapes

13 carver priests white trash kerviniou

13 gravel samwidge hole in my head complaints swashbuckling hobo

14 cate von csoke dream around almoon autoproduction

15 essai britney celeb definitely a label

17 smirk eyes conversing lp drunken sailor

18 joy rotting crown joy girlsville

19 automatic electrocution (john dwyer remix) signal remixes stones throw

20 spirit of the beehive there´s nothing you can´t do entertainment, death saddle creek

21 harpon plai plai autoproduction

22 terrible lovers don´t let it fester tough luck autoproduction

23 frankie teardrop dead i don´t know why tais-toi et dance autoproduction

24 the telescopes we see magic and we are neutral, unnecessary songs of love and revolution tapete

25 vert:x northern soul vert:x v/s mark whitby 2 dandelion

26 copiers pulpit germs copiers autoproduction

27 datblygu a i z cwm gwagle ankstmusik

28 2 lost souls curly wurly boulevard another´s insomniac dreams german shepherd

28 editrix the sound tell me i´m bad exploding in sound

29 gravel samwidge justify complaints swashbuckling hobo

32 cate von csoke flowers almoon autoproduction

Artiste: cate von csoke
Album: almoon
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: gravel samwidge
Album: complaints
Label: swashbuckling hobo

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