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  EMISSION DU 28/02/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the anderson tapes progression of four sirens autoproduction

2 mary anne´s polar rig something about your way makes you happy feverish

3 social haul wet eyes wet eyes fat cat

4 nonagon slow boil they birds controlled burn

5 suicide hotline numb numb autoproduction

6 nightshift outta space zöe trouble in mind

7 pretty happy salami salami autoproduction

8 todd briefly houseprod demos just step sideways

9 prey mycete i grey city autoproduction

10 yes, this is a rant! 1 yes, this is a rant! autoproduction

11 candy kane peppermint tea burning candies autoproduction

12 shiny times secretary (you really care) start with s autoproduction

13 asenath anyox calamansi tropicapitulation silvis

14 nose in the nose rebuild raw vox project

15 headless horse tuned out final lexicon autoproduction

16 nonagon june of 14 they birds controlled burn

17 egonx praha (erwin kisch) kiss for kisch autoproduction

18 deep tan camelot creeping speedwells practise music

19 maraudeur twywys puissance 4 autoproduction

20 alicia breton ferrer having fun headache sorbet glove compartment

21 a/lpaca make it better make it better we were never being boring collective

22 dyatlov wound man wound man / barren lands spazz

23 steaming manhole room 504 ii rock hand

24 theeunforeseen maisie v/a: love you - a tribute to syd barrett gonzo multimedia

25 human trophy forming horrors corpse dream drunken sailor

26 imposition man resilience imposition man twintoe

27 fitness december´98 full well sad cactus

28 lifeguard sun ra jane receiver b/w sun ra jane chunklet industries

29 nonagon boxes they birds controlled burn

30 big|brave half breed vital southern lord

Artiste: nonagon
Album: they birds
Label: controlled burn

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