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  EMISSION DU 07/03/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bibione gloves bibione stoned to death

2 pardoner spike came down different bar/none

3 sprints swimming manifesto nice swan

4 the nag! high street b|a|r| rundgang

5 sparkshimmer never gonna rain songs to confine to autoproduction

6 rival territory leaving the city pt. i leaving the city ep autoproduction

7 boyracer right or wrong ep right or wrong emotional response

8 salo fuel injected suicide machine from melmac with hate autoproduction

9 throat shots smile less svart

10 72% drowning in a sea of bastards v/a: 72% / modern technology split - drowning in a sea of bastards / lorn human worth

11 manic maya helmet helmet araki

11 yeule headache headache autoproduction

12 facs strawberry cough present tense trouble in mind

13 scatter girls! fan favorite scatter girls! cut love sound tapes

13 todd briefly now all my friends play fender jaguars demos just step sideways

14 the nag! reasonable b|a|r| rundgang

15 bitch diesel hail bitchcraft roolette

17 diagonal waves diagonal little cloud

18 ray gun scanners jonesy snakes international

19 warm exit sonny cynar warm exit rockerill

20 tire toi tigre octopuss cours autoproduction

21 camel moon the world doesn´t need you anyway the world doesn´t need you anyway anomic

22 the linger effect this is not drain (demo) sedentary sketches autoproduction

23 heavy medical work week anxiety & frustration autoproduction

24 tunic invalid exhaling artoffact

25 pocket of lollipops skulls & muscle tones tiburon hounds tooth cottage

26 negative nancies monkey chest heatwave fishrider

27 yammerer the beachgoer the beachgoer restless bear

28 spirit award someday lunatic house share it music

28 part chimp back from the dead drool wrong speed

29 the nag! last hope b|a|r| rundgang

32 suspirians window to the spheres window to the spheres autoproduction

Artiste: the nag!
Album: b|a|r|
Label: rundgang

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