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  EMISSION DU 18/04/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 team picture phantom limb music for hauntings: vol i clue

2 m.s.o.l. bomb blast #1 stock

3 arno de cea & the clockwork wizards souvenirs du futur retrofuturisme volume ii a tant rêver du roi

4 vacant gardens world inside the ocean obscene tall texan

5 velvet sunset drive me drive me autoproduction

6 ahrm city of light (feat. alva) city of light (feat. alva) fredriksborgs musikmanufaktur

7 modecenter deceit modecenter numavi

8 black ink stain stuck incidents day off

9 laugh young revanchists synchronized and perfect union jerk

10 veik château guitar surrounding structures fuzz club

11 cult of dom keller lyssa they carried the dead in a u.f.o. fuzz club

11 yoo doo right presto presto, bella´s dream don´t think you can escape your purpose mothland

12 body horror the gimp´s gimp the gimp´s gimp gimp

13 brzask! pseudohalucinations brzask! every color

13 arno de cea & the clockwork wizards flux stellaire retrofuturisme volume ii a tant rêver du roi

14 vacant gardens whorl obscene tall texan

15 blair parkes maybe you heard new building seaside

17 shallow waves voices in discord echoes of a collapse green witch

18 jakson hey jeff come to bendigo i just want to chat i totally won´t punch you in the head i promise // guillotine filth autoproduction

19 ort wrack (remix) wrack autoproduction

20 bardo pond shadow puppet amanita (25th anniversary edition) matador

21 english teacher r&b r&b nice swan

22 anorak patch blue jeans blue jeans nice swan

23 winkie burn the town down this place is death dying machine

24 boa tol subterranean industrial livin´ used blood gardenware garage

25 mimete wake wake autoproduction

26 lunation fall sweet misery near stellar frequencies

27 seas, starry nun the wiser anatomy ep make-that-a-take

28 arno de cea & the clockwork wizards saturne = hula hoop éternel retrofuturisme volume ii a tant rêver du roi

28 vacant gardens untombed obscene tall texan

Artiste: arno de cea & the clockwork wizards
Album: retrofuturisme volume ii
Label: a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: vacant gardens
Album: obscene
Label: tall texan

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