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  EMISSION DU 11/04/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 arno de cea & the clockwork wizards bronzage désintégral retrofuturisme volume ii a tant rêver du roi

2 guru daddy´s date daddy´s date autoproduction

3 mary bell consent bellatrix boadicea destructure

4 lilac a bruise won´t lilac autoproduction

5 alicia breton ferrer no suicide in the kitchen headache sorbet glove compartment

6 the dictaphone stationary ish all gone

7 heimat ita zwei teenage menopause

8 bronson arm conscious confuser conscious confuser off white house

9 carver every one knew white trash kerviniou

10 dexy oscillator unforgiving world glory wired

11 the early mornings blank sky unnecessary creation autoproduction

12 shiny times scroll away the night let´s get shiny melotron recordings

13 submotile cyanotic sonic day codas autoproduction

14 speech disorder job diplomacy suspicious pun autoproduction

15 lilac object permanence lilac autoproduction

16 mary bell trains bellatrix boadicea destructure

17 grocer don´t touch me delete if not allowed autoproduction

18 yagow rise & shine the mess crazysane

19 white canyon & the 5th dimension spectral illusion spectral illusion necio

20 anyone´s ghost greens the demos autoproduction

21 health plan post traumatic growth health plan buzzhowl

22 new dark age eternal return eternal return autoproduction

23 asenath anyox 70s eyes everything death of a naturalist silvis

24 nice breeze en passant magician´s rabbit autoproduction

25 the wind-ups lockdown try not to think mt. st. mtn.

26 plop lock upon you, the hope learn or go society.

27 shwuaen doriaen graeye mannequin autoproduction

28 milkilo qirmzi abandon vox project

29 w!zard bones definitely unfinished luik

30 lilac i shrink down lilac autoproduction

31 mary bell turning tables bellatrix boadicea destructure

Artiste: lilac
Album: lilac
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: mary bell
Album: bellatrix boadicea
Label: destructure

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