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  EMISSION DU 16/05/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bae sessions complete destruction volume 1 beastie noise

2 pardoner totally evil powers came down different bar/none

3 facs xout present tense trouble in mind

4 bathysphere wrong / alone heaven is other people trace / untrace

5 brigitte g. fallen pine secret earth chicago research

6 gil awake gil autoproduction

7 the pleasure dome pretty picture pretty picture autoproduction

8 monsterwatch somewhere noise you will never care about autoproduction

9 graens commodification blues musique pour l´esprit höga nord

10 what finds me motionless half nelson autoproduction

11 spotlight kid vrhn vrhn ep autoproduction

12 torrey screens screens autoproduction

13 big bopper fine dining introducing big bopper autoproduction

14 beefo glass trap ghost food autoproduction

15 facs how to see in the dark present tense trouble in mind

16 bathysphere shrunkn head heaven is other people trace / untrace

17 acid rooster irrlichter irrlichter cardinal fuzz

18 grinding eyes the taste taste the monochrome poison city

19 sinks make cash sinks korobushka

20 isotope soap autistic eye in need of systematic entropy push my buttons

21 swollen call smothered super wimpy punch

22 snake don´t belong in alaska elektrische zeitrese the eternal electric landscape up in her room

23 trialogos stroh zu gold stroh zu gold exile on mainstream

24 the crustations ode to construction decomposeré autoproduction

25 nomos 751 moracu se boriti m.a.t. slovenly

26 moth effect you & me forever hovering cue dot

27 soot ghost bad news, bad habits fuzz tapes

28 bloody head your world is as old as you the temple pillars dissolve into the clouds hominid sounds

29 my name is ishmael big sugar demonstrations autoproduction

30 facs mirrored present tense trouble in mind

31 bathysphere lung heaven is other people trace / untrace

Artiste: bathysphere
Album: heaven is other people
Label: trace / untrace

Artiste: facs
Album: present tense
Label: trouble in mind

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