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  EMISSION DU 23/05/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the early mornings days spent days spent autoproduction

2 we hate you please die barney can´t wait to be fine howlin´ banana

3 pressed close up mirrored body the ghost is clear

4 yoo doo right 1n914 don´t think you can escape your purpose mothland

5 end of fun thelma & louise i feel it all, forever something beautiful

6 carpet burn butterfinger hands i can´t believe it´s not carpet burn spoilsport

7 hotmom captn crunch blue white pink all over bad rating

8 eeva vedusij vedusij / korol´cervej autoproduction

9 department of teleportation spatial forces department of teleportation autoproduction

10 rilev gloss gloss autoproduction

11 stomp talk modstone my birth my birth autoproduction

12 asenath anyox dead trails alaskana silvis

13 meat belt the crows are laughing into the setting sun autoproduction

14 enola gay sofa surfing sofa surfing autoproduction

15 pressed mouth mirrored body the ghost is clear

16 yoo doo right the moral compass of a self-driving car don´t think you can escape your purpose mothland

17 nadja dark inclusions luminous rot southern lord

18 mesh traveler mesh born yesterday

19 marathon ´77 p.l. avoid a friend autoproduction

20 trees speak glass posthuman soul jazz

21 benumb pack pigs laughing at the bottom of the stairs to young to speak autoproduction

22 pocket of lollipops rubber stamper tiburon hounds tooth cottage

23 bleach burn bleach burn life alone in the city hummus

24 smiling forgetful sam devour rebel waves

25 rakta & deafkids sigilo live at sesc pompeia rapide eye

26 fox medicine queen moon blue bubblegum autoproduction

27 pressed pooling summer mirrored body the ghost is clear

28 yoo doo right join, be curst don´t think you can escape your purpose mothland

Artiste: yoo doo right
Album: don´t think you can escape your purpose
Label: mothland

Artiste: pressed
Album: mirrored body
Label: the ghost is clear

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