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  EMISSION DU 27/06/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 soursob blow soursob hozac

2 co-ed guilty guilty / discourse autoproduction

3 fauxchisels locked down, lucked out education or catastrophe die das der

4 shalloboi destroyed untangled endless december

5 no hay dolor allende los valles allende los valles nhd music

6 pozi sea song typing ep prah

7 off peak arson garbagehead off peak arson autoproduction

8 comissars mayday! helices ep autoproduction

9 rocco and his bones manza suitcase drama! autoproduction

10 postcards sea change after the fire, before the end t3

11 fuzzy lights sirens burials meadows

11 usb orchestra by row oculus grift amok

12 gloop crayon sun crayon sun grimoire

13 the flying tiger claw alalalay face gaze cold storage

13 fauxchisels all the friends you had left (have left) education or catastrophe die das der

14 shalloboi don´t want to dream untangled endless december

15 sleep overload demon lights demon lights autoproduction

17 art mate freefall freefall autoproduction

18 ismatic guru imposter ismatic guru swimming faith

19 mononegatives stilted entrance apparatus division big neck

20 zahn tseudo zahn crazysane

21 this quite army x away delta 0000 1001 the singularity, phase ii p572

22 dog rally snakes dog heaven autoproduction

23 avant gardeners wheel of fortune wheel of fortune / bring me the head autoproduction

24 kombynat robotron spitzer -270°c tonzonen

25 fauxchisels sunk estate education or catastrophe die das der

26 shalloboi untangled untangled endless december

Artiste: fauxchisels
Album: education or catastrophe
Label: die das der

Artiste: shalloboi
Album: untangled
Label: endless december

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