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  EMISSION DU 04/07/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 yammerer tell me what the ancientastronaut theorist believe tell me what the ancientastronaut theorist believe restless bear

2 cherry cheeks boxes cherry cheeks total punk

3 deb5000 vigilant debutante autoproduction

4 sweet williams steal it what´s wrong with you gringo

5 fehlt light porcelain light porcelain clue

6 elle bizarro delta mons no go. autoproduction

7 wyllvy the bixies willvy 9 autoproduction

8 work party drunk conference call my best days are behind me triple eye industries

9 ratso mystery case mystery case autoproduction

10 pure adult cam girls cam girls poor man

11 seven hours days stay away stay away autoproduction

12 the last band ever it´s called hapiness it´s called hapiness autoproduction

13 the altered hours radiant wound radiant wound pizza pizza

14 le massacre fake me fake me autoproduction

15 can kicker super-ego song cassingle autoproduction

16 sweet williams stopper what´s wrong with you gringo

17 vanishing twin big moonlight (ooki gekkou) ookii gekkou fire

18 kurl tiho fickle autoproduction

19 cookie brooklyn & the crumbs walking the turtle v/a: psi-solation + 1 (one year on) celebrate psi phenomenon

20 milex fox decomposition temporal loop autoproduction

21 soft shoulder half wall breed formerly on fluorescent paper gilgongo

22 data animal dead raver (a place to bury strangers rework) dead raver (a place to bury strangers rework) dedstrange

23 10000 russos super inertia superinertia fuzz club

24 alexalone eavesdropper alexaloneworld polyvinyl

25 alexis marshall open mouth house of full . house of when sargent house

26 valerinne hibernalia - live at studio148 ver sacrum autoproduction

27 sweet williams five perfects darts what´s wrong with you gringo

Artiste: sweet williams
Album: what´s wrong with you
Label: gringo

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