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  EMISSION DU 01/08/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 cucamaras death of the social death of the social autoproduction

2 pamphlets it feels like demos autoproduction

3 if so why indifference is futile world eater dirt frame

4 sea of limbs royalty sea of limbs eat strange

5 goodyhead giant´s knife demos autoproduction

6 velvet sunset summer night summer night autoproduction

7 paper birch elegy (as we mourn) morninghairwater reckless yes

8 brnda service loser do you like salt? crafted sounds

9 permo ultraviolence misanthropy disobedient

10 big bopper math show math show autoproduction

11 deepform beads aviary autoproduction

12 camel moon children better run anomic

13 shlug swallowing doves swallowing doves disobedient

14 x´ed out bathe in it we all do wrong human worth

15 cassels mr henderson coughs a gut feeling god unknown

16 sea of limbs adrift sea of limbs eat strange

17 dry cleaning tony speaks! bug eggs/tony speaks! 4ad

18 wych elm scolds bridle rabbit wench black dog

19 gustaf book audio drag for ego slobs royal mountain

20 treeboy & arc logistical nightmare life preserver autoproduction

21 jet lag panic love me thunder autoproduction

22 warm exit kill your boss warm exit rockerill

23 iguana death cult meat market nude casino (b-sides) innovative leisure

24 the brums croco no encore autoproduction

25 diemen sniep pest life without adrenaline jaune orange

26 möthersky remain in memory remain in memory noir age

27 vert:x pete hope spikes in my day-glo spikes in my day-glo c/w analgesic autoproduction

28 sea of limbs walking through a cemetery sea of limbs eat strange

Artiste: sea of limbs
Album: sea of limbs
Label: eat strange

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