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  EMISSION DU 25/07/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 liquid moon fuzz vacuum multiprismatic autoproduction

2 tooms dead bird dead bird arcade

3 modecenter grease modecenter numavi

4 rosa vertov until blue in the face day in day out autoproduction

5 faience knife lost kingfisher autoproduction

6 dog dimension sticky people endless summer bohemian drips

7 the cold vein silhouettes and shadows simple trick more voodoo sounds haarlem likes vinyl

8 stuck city of police content that makes you feel good exploding in sound

9 la bise re: missing re: missing autoproduction

10 kleaner july 2021 july 2021 autoproduction

11 land of ooo fight on the beach fight n the beach numavi

12 stomp talk modstone supercar supercar autoproduction

13 died alone you could live an die this way what is precious to you meant nothing to me (and vice-versa is true, as well): eternal suffering at the hand of god autoproduction

14 egomasina per velai ataka autoproduction

15 modecenter 187 modecenter numavi

16 rosa vertov years gone by day in day out autoproduction

17 alexalone electric sickness alexaloneworld polyvinyl

18 taras bulba from the grave sometimes the night riot season

19 table scraps thears coffin face hells teeth

20 defem popped off popped off autoproduction

21 sprints how does the story go? how does the story go? autoproduction

22 suitor how do you know you´re there communion just because

23 amaterasu kalaratri iii alone in the hallow garden

24 bzdet ziemia ep 3 autoproduction

25 sick mvse repulsion musesick autoproduction

26 the flying luttenbachers fury of the delusion negative infinity ugexplode

27 the flying tiger claw space wave face gaze cold storage

28 modecenter i am straight modecenter numavi

29 rosa vertov high-rise buildings day in day out autoproduction

Artiste: rosa vertov
Album: day in day out
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: modecenter
Album: modecenter
Label: numavi

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