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  EMISSION DU 15/08/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 self improvment fear and power fear and power autoproduction

2 zig zag i care about you i care about you psychic hysteria

3 placement lost sun lost sun endless

4 thought partner dumster work cake crass lips

5 fime born 2 love born 2 love autoproduction

6 temari lullabye for the end of the world singin 2/10, see me

7 julie lochness pushing daisies autoproduction

8 docents to know him is to love him docents ten tremors

9 stuck white lie content that makes you feel good exploding in sound

10 partaker scorch what falls from the lion´s mouth the ghost is clear

11 fehlt withdrawal figure two clue

11 sulfate there you are! godzone flying nun

12 noveller summer is heavy aphantasia autoproduction

13 rider waites fortune wheel effigy centre double heads

13 thought partner i think you have my face work cake crass lips

14 jealous sharp bones / broken claws lover / what´s your damage? dedstrange

15 green horizon once the place i buried memories autoproduction

17 møtrik silver twin møøn: the cosmic electrics of møtrik jealous butcher

18 the lipschitz ventilator chevron company businesses inc.

19 memory foam don´t bring me down steel magnolias autoproduction

20 dödsriket kaos luca autoproduction

21 alexalone black rainbow alexaloneworld polyvinyl

22 tidal rave limmy albumette fishrider

23 cere uncanny valley endless days autoproduction

24 futurat rtutt incenerat echo canyon

25 average life complaints wealth gap wealth gap disobedient

26 beige banquet construction beige banquet just step sideways

27 thought partner bit rot work cake crass lips

28 pink skull taki chrome taki chrome / strummer maxxx höga nord

Artiste: thought partner
Album: work cake
Label: crass lips

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