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  EMISSION DU 22/08/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the sly persuaders trash proof trash proof roadkill

2 the velveteers motel #27 nightmare daydream easy eye sound

3 gloop a wildflower crayon sun grimoire

4 bnny promises everything fire talk

5 rose, water, fountain regular blue rose, water, fountain autoproduction

6 astral brain five thousand miles the bewildered mind shelflife

7 12,000 fucks fucker live demo 2 (at ugly robot studios) blip w mass

8 gaylips the ballad of hinksley road the ballad of hinksley road autoproduction

9 black yoko close but no cigar lazarus taxa autoproduction

10 tremours the ribbon (demo) downtown demos phantom taste

11 zed-point sun runner magnitude 8.0 autoproduction

12 porto geese also void duck sheep chase

13 spit kink naked loud get it tetrayon tapes

14 programmique frustration whirlpool europe ii autoproduction

15 gloop pressure crayon sun grimoire

16 bnny take that back everything fire talk

17 flowertown dim nik time trials paisley shirt

18 blurt uzi uzi improve sequence

19 space bats, attack! schrodingus oort autoproduction

20 ms.machine vår vår black hole

21 ester poly smell of female wet hummus

22 kowloon walled city oxygen tent oxygen tent neurot

23 enola gay through men´s eyes through men´s eyes autoproduction

24 blkonika bbbbb konika 1 autoproduction

25 ov pain ever the twain small chafe the churning blue of noon it

26 fashion pimps and the glamazons v.r. jazz 4 johnny feel it

27 grandmas house golden grandmas house brace yourself

28 big lad hot and decaying power tools hominid sounds

29 gloop a hole in the nest crayon sun grimoire

30 bnny thaw everything fire talk

Artiste: bnny
Album: everything
Label: fire talk

Artiste: gloop
Album: crayon sun
Label: grimoire

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