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  EMISSION DU 29/08/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 gonies haze haze autoproduction

2 pack rat two sides of your heart glad to be forgotten drunken sailor

3 the lipschitz baby sherri chevron company businesses inc.

4 zahn zerrung zahn crazysane

5 premium destiny high on forever high on forever autoproduction

6 hits alan vega cielo nublado paisley shirt

7 taraka psychocastle welcome to paradise lost rage peace

8 titus alone the most unique person in the room the most unique person in the room / i stood on a woodscrew autoproduction

9 shattercones butterfly room this septic isle gare du nord

10 idles the god that failed v/a: the metallica blacklist blackened

11 sore bones sever the earth for the birds autoproduction

12 virgins vows vows old crows

13 lonker see falling down time out antena krzyku

14 kulk shuck we spare nothing hominid sounds

15 zahn schranck zahn crazysane

16 the lipschitz squabble chevron company businesses inc.

17 toe ring repeller ii autoproduction

18 00_ scarce silver y ca-yptra autoproduction

19 crooked spine spit in my eye horses of summer autoproduction

20 cherubs lazy snakes slo blo 4 frnz & sxy relapse

21 unto it´s all mine now warbling autoproduction

22 renaïders la mélopée du berger lunaire luth sombre autoproduction

23 bad waitress rabbit hole no taste royal mountain

24 acid rooster gaze irrlichter cardinal fuzz

25 psychedelic source shine, ride, rise sci-fi safari psychedelic source

26 tommy cossack bus pass tommy cossack just step sideways

27 waterbed astrologists switch positions feel the data scotch horns industries

28 the lipschitz superstore chevron company businesses inc.

29 zahn lochsonne schwarz zahn crazysane

Artiste: the lipschitz
Album: chevron
Label: company businesses inc.

Artiste: zahn
Album: zahn
Label: crazysane

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