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  EMISSION DU 24/10/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sun cousto tickets to lima do you wanna die hummus

2 fix everything the problems the problems autoproduction

3 john haneke´d nocturnal manoeuvres pets care

4 ipanazar thomas repressed memory foam autoproduction

5 fräulein by the water by the water practise music

6 foyer red plutterbee zigzag wombat terrible

7 neckbolt unlighted chambers midwestern drawl spider dispatch unit

8 struggles with syntax jung dreams petrichor muzai

9 the family men dogpound absc / dogpound harmful

10 computer girl domain exit computer girl ep autoproduction

11 dummy punk product #4 mandatory enjoyment trouble in mind

11 idiots shallow saturn song obsessive narcissistic man autoproduction

12 astrologer mania legerdemain (l) lolipop

13 silicon heartbeat galaxy invaders silicon heartbeat it´s trash!

14 john austere isle nocturnal manoeuvres pets care

15 ipanazar jimmy connor repressed memory foam autoproduction

17 morningface it´s always sunday outta space autoproduction

18 tam vantage the zone laughing gas & apple pie still traveller

19 axlaustade ouverture axlaustade la tribu

20 firefriend poison tree poison tree cardinal fuzz

21 st. kraut fire madness from outer space fire madness from outer space astrodiving

22 pr(a/e)y an invitation pr(a/e)y autoproduction

23 refedex backburner the top of off tropical cancer rort

24 should´ve desolation or how i learned to feel the pit improvised on the brink of collapse spirit lust

25 teethgrynder devilman hostages isolation

26 john northwood turret nocturnal manoeuvres pets care

27 ipanazar boyback repressed memory foam autoproduction

Artiste: ipanazar
Album: repressed memory foam
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: john
Album: nocturnal manoeuvres
Label: pets care

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