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  EMISSION DU 31/10/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 krimi dressed for distress demo cs helta skelta

2 safety net johnny wholesome art to-go

3 recapitated bye recapitated chaotic noise productions

4 teethgrynder casey rowe´s ghost hostages isolation

5 mntclva borrowed rising gaze autoproduction

6 sloth cult vermillion every ism ends in cannibalism autoproduction

7 sleep overload horror film horror film autoproduction

8 clear history presents bad advice good people upset the rhythm

9 death freights bat man bat man autoproduction

10 sly hand your party your party autoproduction

11 afterglow& alternate stripper faux head image autoproduction

11 melkbelly haunted trails melkbelly autoproduction

12 deathlist blue / i´m not free blue / i´m not free autoproduction

13 west of neptune w.a.a.s. not was fox meets rabbits / w.a.a.s. no was autoproduction

14 teethgrynder vanity, the fool hostages isolation

15 recapitated afterlife now recapitated chaotic noise productions

17 trillion sure sure autoproduction

18 feeble little horse chores hayday julia´s war

19 just the wolves fog fog tipping point

20 stuart pearce falling sovjet states demos autoproduction

21 ditz ded würtz ded würtz alcopop!

22 dislocated flowers renaissance three two zero broken hummingbirds repair garage autoproduction

23 spiritczualic enhancement center sell it to hbo carpet album kryptox

24 nothing works hummingbird from february to may autoproduction

25 catcher only advice (uninformed version) only advice / fallen stone (uninformed) autoproduction

26 byron rimes dreece goulden byron rimes greatest hits tillsammans

27 moonlit shine in the darkest night so bless us now... autoproduction

28 recapitated me the deity recapitated chaotic noise productions

28 teethgrynder stare at the ground hostages isolation

Artiste: recapitated
Album: recapitated
Label: chaotic noise productions

Artiste: teethgrynder
Album: hostages
Label: isolation

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