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  EMISSION DU 07/11/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the yeasties film grew here for flesh autoproduction

2 big heet octogenarians playing the bug living lost

3 visibly choked too high visibly choked mothland

4 hot garbage she figured it out ride mothland

5 the acharis traces blue sky / grey heaven cranes

6 ioana iorgu muted eyes thick skin autoproduction

7 the great goddamn abreast of the competition behaving poorly in well designed spaces autoproduction

8 trvss instant drugs instant drugs autoproduction

9 droogs swing the happy ep autoproduction

10 birds of passage find me another the last garden denovali

11 barbican estate abandon v/a: zum audio vol 4 zum

11 harmonious cunning mistakes succulents autoproduction

12 only fools and corpses i feel violent when i stop to think if only for a minute gold mold

13 voyage voyage digging deeper voyage voyage autoproduction

14 tvod heaven victory garden autoproduction

15 hot garbage everything stops ride mothland

17 the oscillation dilated mind untold futures all time low

18 el shirota niebla niebla ep devil in the woods

19 taxi cigarette daddy taxi 01 autoproduction

20 yoo doo right presto presto, bella´s dream don´t think you can escape your purpose mothland

21 band in the pit phalaris v/a: underground summits vol 1 psychedelic source

22 dr sure´s unusual practice head in the sand remember the future? vol. 2 & 1 erste theke tonträger

23 doflame barrels barrels 444%

24 m(h)aol no one ever talks to us gender studies autoproduction

25 sinead o´brien girlkind girlkind chess club

26 yc-cy dreams are coming back everytime i close my eyes x-mist

27 gnod the whip and the tongue la mort du sens rocket

28 girls in synthesis pulling teeth pulling teeth own it

28 hot garbage soft as god ride mothland

Artiste: hot garbage
Album: ride
Label: mothland

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