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  EMISSION DU 28/11/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 geez louise out, out! out, out! autoproduction

2 delivery the topic personal effects / the topic spoilsport

3 big heet body of noise playing the bug living lost

4 plot reaction formation what happened to your face autoproduction

5 coyoti detach under the bed autoproduction

6 zuleïka pieces of us iv autoproduction

7 schapka showdown showdown numavi

8 dense reckoning reckoning autoproduction

9 ditz the warden the great regression alcopop!

10 toi let goat burner goat burner adrian

11 plaisir maslo z sola foam autoproduction

11 monaleaser libya libya autoproduction

12 andrew scott young/ryan jewell/ryley walker guzzardo post wook husky pants

13 mizerija crni grad demo doomtown

14 plot light sleeper what happened to your face autoproduction

15 big heet new temp playing the bug living lost

17 the ustad odonata (odata) ayasa (made of iron) urck

18 shu lace let it go 13 pt. 2 autoproduction

19 la jungle i eat faces and i love it v/a: la jungle / za! split jaune orange

20 bunuel when god used a rope killers like us profound lore

21 double job die spiegelsachen des chefs ohne tanzen planen mangel

22 sei still el peso de la piel el refugio fuzz club

23 trees speak vertigo of flaws vertigo of flaws: emancipation of the dissonance and temperaments in irrational waveforms soul jazz

24 the janitors rymdnämnden noiselation sessions vol.2 cardinal fuzz

25 thanksgiving lights reverse breath subject is the body autoproduction

26 big heet go-getters playing the bug living lost

27 plot braindead what happened to your face autoproduction

Artiste: plot
Album: what happened to your face
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: big heet
Album: playing the bug
Label: living lost

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