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  EMISSION DU 05/12/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 wonderflu eternal long distance influenza

2 nervous triggers radiation suit radiation suit autoproduction

3 lemongrab yeehaw the wet album autoproduction

4 viola swamp creeping bad dreams tarantula tapes

5 wombo one of these one of these fire talk

6 supernowhere basement window skinless take a flight topshelf

7 pack rat next time hit me glad to be forgotten drunken sailor

8 nowhere loose lip e.p. autoproduction

9 bitter branches solo trip your neighbors are failures equal vision

10 landing true leaves monthly subscription series collection 01 vast arc hues

11 animal ghosts glowing wake autoproduction

11 moodlighting friends like these friends like these autoproduction

12 glaas easy living glaas static shock

13 fix everything incandenza hellend vlak static shock

14 wipes dumpster dumpster b/w you´re the boss autoproduction

15 viola swamp charming bad dreams tarantula tapes

17 deadletter pop culture connoisseur pop culture connoisseur nice swan

18 le grand jojo sitting bull le grand jojo volume 2 vogue

19 le grand jojo le tango du congo le grand jojo volume 2 vogue

20 le grand jojo patrouille de nuit on a soif! vogue

21 wet leg too late now wet leg domino

22 murina sun sun stuff galore muzai

23 canine callgirls sketches of pain baboon wrestling fonoradar

24 the poison arrows shallow grave war regards file 13

25 discordense i bought a gun normandie and five other songs p.o.g.o.

26 white canyon & the 5th dimension ancient secrets of green leaf ancient secrets of green leaf autoproduction

27 ivan the tolerable & his elastic band i have to push myself to be tender the long year stolen body

28 orcflower tired demon human face eater autoproduction

28 le chemin de la honte 95 pulsions un château perpétuel autoproduction

29 kim gordon grass jeans grass jeans autoproduction

30 viola swamp we´re so boring bad dreams tarantula tapes

32 le grand jojo s.o.s. on a soif! vogue

Artiste: viola swamp
Album: bad dreams
Label: tarantula tapes


Artiste: le grand jojo
Album: le grand jojo volume 2
Label: vogue
Track(s): sitting bull / le tango du congo

Artiste: le grand jojo
Album: on a soif!
Label: vogue
Track(s): patrouille de nuit

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