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  EMISSION DU 19/12/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dials chance man dials autoproduction

2 el no 1,000 lows hoodlums autoproduction

3 art star glitchid moan in three parts autoproduction

4 liiek paranoia deep pore adagio 830

5 seven hour days the oppressor seven hour days autoproduction

6 velvet sunset i ride all night i ride all night autoproduction

7 romantikus binary system tape one - hazel autoproduction

8 harakiri irregular joe harakiri autoproduction

9 dried out nothing at all it feels alright autoproduction

10 the real codington factory lego foot lego foot autoproduction

11 kiyoshi rosolie iron an island autoproduction

11 leonora hackles capital capital/bureaucrat autoproduction

12 seablite breadcrumbs breadcrumbs c/w ink bleeds emotional response

13 lady bird infants we alcopop!

14 eyecandy promontory the promontory & supernova knife hits

15 liiek reckless deep pore adagio 830

17 how get te tai timu te waea hoana autoproduction

18 octopus ride things´ll never be the same ii sound effect

19 copious amounts of joy bite the hand nincs alku autoproduction

20 strange idols compressor ur- autoproduction

21 tramhaus i don´t sweat i don´t sweat subroutine

22 organs furious return slow compression autoproduction

23 nylon deth metal v/a: nylon/operants split detective tapes

24 halfsilks no wire hangers cupid operations kitchen leg

25 s for swallow tt33 s for swallow soza

26 boucan french manucure boucan vox project

27 le massacre fuck you all hello fuckers ep autoproduction

28 groop thanks for the fish thanks for the fish mock

29 liiek regressed over time deep pore adagio 830

Artiste: liiek
Album: deep pore
Label: adagio 830

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