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  EMISSION DU 26/12/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 negative spirit one big cats from mars autoproduction

2 operants grey inbtwn v/a: nylon/operants split detective tapes

3 haaz another round andra p.o.g.o.

4 barbican estate white jazz way down east autoproduction

5 kick rubberlover light figures anomic

6 deathlist summer bleeder summer bleeder autoproduction

7 open head enticing offer joy, and other sufferings autoproduction

8 souk sooner or later souk demo autoproduction

9 catcher comparing saviors and friends comparing saviors and friends autoproduction

10 viridian suniya from here on out, you´re on your own autoproduction

11 maud anyways boundaries boundaries autoproduction

11 flu flu dead star dead star uphere!

12 backhand girls in the color guard danger, thy calling uphere!

13 the mute servants learning curve the mute servants wrong speed

14 haaz attack andra p.o.g.o.

15 barbican estate obsessed way down east autoproduction

17 pirx to move in herds pirx licht-ung

18 italia 90 dino (dangerous in name only) dino (dangerous in name only) autoproduction

19 spraint his secret stash his secret stash + boring lore premature

20 hjordis-britt astrom crystal lands crystal lands premature

21 threx tv people groop effect kennel jitters

22 immersion scriber 022 022 kennel jitters

23 playing cards broken inside mustard bottle injuries kennel jitters

24 sloopy mccoy null and void doorways ep autoproduction

25 bas jan vision of change baby u know lost map

26 went white made flesh went white the ghost is clear

27 haaz roam andra p.o.g.o.

28 barbican estate morphin, and the realm of ouroboros way down east autoproduction

29 kidbug just like xmas just like xmas joyful noise

Artiste: barbican estate
Album: way down east
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: haaz
Album: andra
Label: p.o.g.o.

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