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  EMISSION DU 02/01/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 arno de cea & the clockwork wizards bronzage désintégral retrofuturisme volume ii a tant rêver du roi

2 nag new science six observer autoproduction

3 fauxchisels names & numbers education or catastrophe die das der

4 rosa vertov long endings day in day out autoproduction

5 bnny time walk everything fire talk

6 valse noot angst utter contempt atypeek music

7 echoplain fade out polaroid malibu atypeek music

8 sea of limbs where are you know? sea of limbs eat strange

9 gravel samwidge family stone complaints swashbuckling hobo

10 shalloboi untangled untangled endless december

11 bathysphere shrunkn head heaven is other people trace / untrace

11 bloody head your world is as old as you the temple pillars dissolve into the clouds hominid sounds

12 partaker wellriser what falls from the lion´s mouth the ghost is clear

13 tamar aphek russian winter all bets are off exag´

14 fake fruit miscommunication fake fruit rock in your heads

15 milkilo kowloon abandon vox project

17 concrete ships flotilla in observance trepanation

18 hits linoleum bureaucracy cielo nublado paisley shirt

19 hot garbage she figured it out ride mothland

20 facs how to see in the dark present tense trouble in mind

21 porto geese also void duck sheep chase

22 batwings this place is dead black horizon autoproduction

23 thought partner dumster work cake crass lips

24 rider/horse tremolo harm select trials ever/never

25 bloom 604 feed the vultures bloom flover

26 psychiatric metaphors anxiety attack body snatchers acid on toast

27 barbican estate obsessed way down east autoproduction

28 plot degloved what happened to your face autoproduction

29 melt downer dye out iii numavi

30 john austere isle nocturnal manoeuvres pets care

31 a/lpaca hypnosis make it better we were never being boring collective

32 sunset images voces oscurecidas traumatismo nacional dirty filthy

33 heet deth we should have a party hooray! don´t panic

34 lice arbiter wasteland: what ails our people is clear settled law

35 modecenter deceit modecenter numavi

36 if so why shoestring lobotomy world eater dirt frame

37 yoo doo right join, be curst don´t think you can escape your purpose mothland

38 self improvement self improvement visible damage autoproduction

39 newtown aces take back the streets the future sound of punk noise kennel

40 total wife cement total wife warehaus
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