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  EMISSION DU 23/01/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 naked lungs database database autoproduction

2 the jimmys digital age eggy pop fart food

3 salo guillotine from melmac with hate bigoût

4 larchen shadow hills swamp rabbit trail autoproduction

5 cama rosa flores gigantes recusa autoproduction

6 acott. destroying all which my kin worked to build triptych autoproduction

7 cassels beth´s recurring dream a gut feeling god unknown

8 //less nervous breakdown useless autoproduction

9 mop buckets happy mop buckets order05records

10 smile foliage i hate it here safe space

11 king hannah big big baby i´m not sorry, i was just being me city slang

11 human susan sorry fun is fun trace / untrace

12 chimers cracks v/a: chimers / die! die! die! split 7" autoproduction

13 panenské plameny vlastní myslenky desi herostratus korobushka

14 salo bring back medieval plague from melmac with hate bigoût

15 larchen sun valley swamp rabbit trail autoproduction

17 babehoven fugazi sunk double double whammy

18 bodega thrown broken equipment what´s your rupture?

19 night lunch death bulge 5000 v/a: nightzilla (koizilla / night lunch split) autoproduction

20 the web of lies receiver nude with demon wrong speed

21 artifacts & uranium radio wolfen pancosmology echodelick

22 long hours bark truth and hate autoproduction

23 rat sphinx hammer hemlock rat sphinx autoproduction

24 children of leir damocles cildren of leir - (canal cover nokeys) autoproduction

25 water damage reel 5b repeater 12xu

26 the high water marks fantastic machine proclaimer of things minty fresh

27 silverbacks recycle culture archive material full time hobby

28 salo raptors cult from melmac with hate bigoût

29 larchen autumn woods swamp rabbit trail autoproduction

Artiste: larchen
Album: swamp rabbit trail
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: salo
Album: from melmac with hate
Label: bigoût

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