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  EMISSION DU 06/02/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 das kapitans mtv a: big muff, b: mtv socks on

2 linoleleum ketamine the big sad schalltraeger

3 open head heaven spent, heaven sense joy, and other sufferings i´m into life

4 cassels charlie goes skiing a gut feeling god unknown

5 meli & the specs diatomaceous earth the news autoproduction

6 count florida another you choose your own... autoproduction

7 wet leg oh no wet leg domino

8 scum couch kitchen fire v/a: scum couch | knot split autoproduction

9 spark unit wrinkles pre listening 2022 autoproduction

10 rank-o humans de novo another record

11 holy springs e.a.t. e.a.t. up in her room

11 corporeal echo chamber echo chamber tyst ljud

12 joetsu shore not my intention headspins autoproduction

13 car home prescription sleep assisted living (part 1) autoproduction

14 open head dead air joy, and other sufferings i´m into life

15 cassels pete´s vile colleague a gut feeling god unknown

17 so tired go deep so tired demos vol.2 autoproduction

18 manic maya bad karma hope araki

19 big mountain county where are you? where are you? porto

20 metz demolition row v/a: metz / adulkt life split what´s your rupture?

21 ballot box from nothing from nothing election plan

22 kevin yellow desert aftermath riot season

23 wild rocket formless abyss formless abyss riot season

24 why patterns parapraxis regurgitorium human worth

25 almanac man kings and queens for your cause the ghost is clear

26 koalra the fires burned the fires burned everything we had. when the dust settles, they will do it again gigantic noise

27 open head grief joy, and other sufferings i´m into life

28 cassels your humble narrator a gut feeling god unknown

Artiste: cassels
Album: a gut feeling
Label: god unknown

Artiste: open head
Album: joy, and other sufferings
Label: i´m into life

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