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  EMISSION DU 13/02/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 after london here, tonite here, tonite roadkill

2 memes second thought second thought autoproduction

3 thank good boy thoughtless cruelty box

4 shoun shoun did i play games monsters & heroes autoproduction

5 stomp talk modstone hurt (prototype demo) worth it e.p. autoproduction

6 sokker regn´eð vatten skall du åter varda autoproduction

7 kalaallit nunaat free money free money glove compartment

8 loose ends nicene creed yearning for something else five foot one

9 tickles cold blood strange love ticklesticklesticklesticklesticklesticklestickles autoproduction

10 red pants lost momentum when we were dancing paisley shirt

11 ruth po! something your wife doesn´t know something your wife doesn´t know autoproduction

11 star party push you aside meadow flower feel it

12 usa nails it´s all in the context v/a: psychic graveyard / usa nails split box

13 ultra lover the promised land faith healer autoproduction

14 thank a social contrast thoughtless cruelty box

15 shoun shoun follow me monsters & heroes autoproduction

17 50 foot wave staring into the sun black pearl fire

18 owo super role model super role model autoproduction

19 gnod bad apple hexen valley rocket

20 trigona petra meridian echodelick

21 melts outlier maelstrom mother sky

22 losing team can´t forget can´t forget autoproduction

23 tue misanthropic era misanthropic era autoproduction

24 mogz fire with stones wild romantics dogmatik

25 cemento (usa) simple weaponry autoproduction

26 trupa trupa moving b flat a glitterbeat

27 thank very cool thoughtless cruelty box

28 shoun shoun sway with me monsters & heroes autoproduction

Artiste: shoun shoun
Album: monsters & heroes
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: thank
Album: thoughtless cruelty
Label: box

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