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  EMISSION DU 27/02/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dama scout emails from suzanne gen wo lai (come with me) hand in hive

2 al pacinos sister trained in karate trained in karate autoproduction

3 prayer group reviewer michael dose reptilian

4 the web of lies rnr resurrection nude with demon wrong speed

5 hitch von cassen emily warren roebling humpty dumpty autoproduction

6 alone at home love again ep autoproduction

7 deadletter hero pop culture connoisseur nice swan

8 loose articles chaos chaos alcopop!

9 fräulein drag behind drag behind practise music

10 just mustard still heart under partisan

11 total wife debbie debbie warehaus

11 steef roll with the punches post f tough gum

12 girls in synthesis enveloped enveloped own it

13 occupants introvert no grace autoproduction

14 prayer group spent michael dose reptilian

15 the web of lies crossed arms nude with demon wrong speed

17 clinic stars april´s past april´s past autoproduction

18 sam jr. sweet face (feat. tess parks) sam jr. arts & crafts

19 october and the eyes spiral spiral kro

20 nothingheads digging digging just step sideways

21 big bopper good friends good friends autoproduction

22 alien lizard terminal lucid dream machine autoproduction

23 loop fermion sonancy cooking vinyl

24 lathe of heaven genome demo autoproduction

25 gutter prince cosmic hitch launched from the ditch autoproduction

26 cheever the walk ensimismado day off

27 prayer group entitlement michael dose reptilian

28 the web of lies yeah yeah yeah nude with demon wrong speed

Artiste: prayer group
Album: michael dose
Label: reptilian

Artiste: the web of lies
Album: nude with demon
Label: wrong speed

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