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  EMISSION DU 06/03/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the wife guys of reddit pig fat pig fat crikey

2 tooms bit part fake teeth colin

3 ditz clocks the great regression alcopop!

4 wah together tempered dub let´s wah together dedstrange

5 soosanoo baku demos autoproduction

6 forsaken autumn only respire whenere letter

7 la casa al mare otherwise otherwise / autumn autoproduction

8 grim streaker big boy mind mothland

9 day job pay god be a friend, make a friend autoproduction

10 thee alcoholics turn on the radio seven inch wrong speed

11 messaline scratch ep. hétaïre autoproduction

11 mo dotti loser smile guided imagery smoking room

12 shallow waves received / transmit skin green witch

13 life big moon lake north east coastal town autoproduction

14 ditz summer of the shark the great regression alcopop!

15 wah together closer we get let´s wah together dedstrange

17 onyon window shopper onyon flennen

18 rubbing waiting for another one vocal harmony trio autoproduction

19 usa nails tooting broadway v/a: psychic graveyard / usa nails split box

20 ronit bergman (pudding) i know my pain to my nervous system with love meeting tent

21 the ginger faye bakers ratman iv ratman 22222 autoproduction

22 super kill me now beast mastery super kill me know autoproduction

23 rude television operate distractions autoproduction

24 center for mind and brain one lp1 anunaki tabla

25 psychedelic source arming mountain mantras for peace psychedelic source

26 the legless crabs fake weed emergency fake weed emergency / 90 metal postcard

27 tvivler der er for fa borgerlige i det her land kilogram fysisk format

28 deliluh body and soul fault lines tin angel

29 ditz no thanks, i´m full the great regression alcopop!

30 wah together tobu let´s wah together dedstrange

Artiste: ditz
Album: the great regression
Label: alcopop!

Artiste: wah together
Album: let´s wah together
Label: dedstrange

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