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  EMISSION DU 12/06/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hurry up american weirdos dismal nitch comedy minus one

2 wild world i sweat regular world city to city

3 ex-gold all gone we are good pig man

4 la jungle hallow love? ephemeral feast black basset

5 the loud bangs cars kill highway safety films autoproduction

6 chores sunbeams chores autoproduction

7 dummy mono retriever mono retriever sub pop

8 nuggiez hauntological toil in the time of monsters autoproduction

9 heavy medical work week vatican two recorded psychic readings

10 sammy barber bazooka 028 autoproduction

11 girl piss today half kidding autoproduction

11 hickeys helicóptero helicóptero autoproduction

12 errorr heroine (got to let go) self destruct anomic

13 todd briefly is this room still avalaible? demos volumes 1 & 2 just step sideways

14 la jungle no eyes ephemeral feast black basset

15 ex-gold loose lips we are good pig man

17 useless users i am forton wreck we are all emotional response

18 yoo doo right say less, do more a murmur, boundless to the east mothland

19 cat piss turner cat piss rides again mishap

20 cocaine piss castle vanilla castle vanilla autoproduction

21 yard work electric lady here comes the neighborhood autoproduction

22 vanishing trace chico´s great escape vultures and worms autoproduction

23 sacred blue falling autumn autoproduction

24 paint nothing you can´t see me influencer autoproduction

25 wailin storms broken into three the silver snake unfolds antena krzyku

26 oiseaux-tempête a man alone (in a one man poem) what on earth (que diable) sub rosa

27 dug i have a right to destroy myself the singles autoproduction

28 holy scum drowned by silence strange desires rocket

29 la jungle couleur calcium ephemeral feast black basset

30 ex-gold all in we are good pig man

Artiste: la jungle
Album: ephemeral feast
Label: black basset

Artiste: ex-gold
Album: we are good
Label: pig man

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