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  EMISSION DU 19/06/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 clamm monday care chapter music

2 self improvement crashing crashing autoproduction

3 lassie spiderweb behold phantom

4 nerver full dead cash the ghost is clear

5 library card mirror factory mirror factory katzwijm

6 wombo snakey fairy rust autoproduction

7 cult objects when will a fire come? secrest of pain-free living world gone mad

8 jambuka abrasive hachi machi mariachi autoproduction

9 gawjuss cry harder protoypical autoproduction

10 proximity crush boris the madskinner frames autoproduction

11 flowertown half yesterday half yesterday paisley shirt

11 lazzzy rather die than keep on peeling fruits i can´t eat lazzzy autoproduction

12 dry cleaning don´t press me stumpwork 4ad

13 occupants serpent shine serpent shine autoproduction

14 nerver blood boy cash the ghost is clear

15 lassie food truckers behold phantom

17 class pills on dish class feel it

18 firefriend the shooting spree of 2017 blacklisted autoproduction

19 acid test ii test v glued papa legba

20 pigeon permanent quest permanent quest/riged mangel

21 hallan sich übergeben sich übergeben nice swan

22 melts circular maelstrom mother sky

23 eskimo lunettes festival mud third autoproduction

24 meat wave ridiculous car ridiculous car big scary monsters

25 mouthparts flag shapper leakin´goo noise merchant

26 lithics nature observation poem nature observation poem autoproduction

27 loose articles kick like a girl kick like a girl alcopop!

28 forever era patterns per partition forever file 13

29 oneida beat me to the punch success joyful noise

30 still/form gums from the rot is a gift hex

31 nerver cash cash the ghost is clear

32 lassie zychokiller behold phantom

Artiste: lassie
Album: behold
Label: phantom

Artiste: nerver
Album: cash
Label: the ghost is clear

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