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  EMISSION DU 03/07/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 uhr sports day sports day own it

2 bonies biig d3m0z autoproduction

3 suck city the gibbous the diablo iv autoproduction

4 total wife blip a blip warehaus

5 bleeder the anchor demo mistakebythecake

6 naked objects pilot/fireworks pilot/fireworks autoproduction

7 no humans carnivores human rubble ep autoproduction

8 degenerated jerks fatter, fat, fatter degenerated jerks autoproduction

9 nils hagstrom beam me up armageddon autoproduction

10 grave goods come tuesday. nothing exists. tulle

11 terra pines pinos altos downbeats false peak

11 whose body is this net growing up how to make friends autoproduction

12 moon pussy meditation v/a: moon pussy / mirakler split the ghost is clear

13 chained bliss mirrors chained bliss drunken sailor

14 suck city r.i.p. chili man the diablo iv autoproduction

15 total wife pink and blue a blip warehaus

17 jarry mutant here we go again here we go again autoproduction

18 the paranoyds lizzie talk talk talk third man

19 keg elephant girders alcopop!

20 coyote beach asthma june gloom autoproduction

21 science killer nietzsche blackbirds kabinet

22 bad breeding rebuilding human capital one little independent

23 columbus duo allez suprematist fonoradar

24 septi kraut for jimmy kraut for jimmy autoproduction

25 copiers pull-chain puller program tape auralgami sounds

26 war club fluffy clouds ultranormal autoproduction

27 tago mago trop pris traversée sauvage autoproduction

28 przepych in europe i inne zabawne rzeczy fonoradar

29 suck city shadow sport touring the diablo iv autoproduction

30 total wife one to you a blip warehaus

Artiste: suck city
Album: the diablo iv
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: total wife
Album: a blip
Label: warehaus

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