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  EMISSION DU 26/06/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ftr white light vicky vivid experience icy cold

2 life forms green glare life forms silent skill

3 vintage crop casting calls kibitzer upset the rhythm

4 petrol girls baby, i had an abortion baby hassle

5 tan cologne floating gardens earth visions of water spaces labrador

6 viridian white t-shirt peripeteia autoproduction

7 marry cherry fkm smashed to pieces pop sickle

8 wipes summer making friends hex

9 stranded stop making sense we are interceptor

10 mesher headache hesitate stadskanker

11 kaery ann blue eyes blue eyes anomic

11 soft and dumb be better soft and dumb autoproduction

12 big slip dum luck kibosh autoproduction

13 daddy´s boy boston key party great news! autoproduction

14 petrol girls fight for our lives baby hassle

15 vintage crop drafted kibitzer upset the rhythm

17 captain shrugs crush the rubble disrupted by consciousness autoproduction

18 miët did we ever ausländer ici d´ailleurs

19 jane doe ensemble what is left is also what is right the corruption of what cheer? autoproduction

20 chat pile why god´s country the flenser

21 ugly human sort of hell sequence failure pt.2 autoproduction

22 the steens what a way to die what a way to die hollywoodlife

23 cursed murphy versus resistance hold that line republic of weird autoproduction

24 thicky painted walls dandylions and marygolds broken finger thoughts vacuum noise

25 the oscillation mind unveiled singularity zones vol. 1 autoproduction

26 svvine unbaptised unbaptised autoproduction

27 slagheap destination boyfriend appetites autoproduction

28 october and the eyes who upset you? who upset you? kro

29 petrol girls one or the other baby hassle

30 vintage crop 2k hip pocket kibitzer upset the rhythm

Artiste: petrol girls
Album: baby
Label: hassle

Artiste: vintage crop
Album: kibitzer
Label: upset the rhythm

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