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  EMISSION DU 17/07/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 public pleasure 3am isolation demos autoproduction

2 pamphlets somehow somehow autoproduction

3 sniffany & the nits the unscratchable itch the unscratchable itch prah

4 nuggiez the creeps toil in the time of monsters autoproduction

5 ideal host dining out in the afterlife dining out in the afterlife autoproduction

6 twin drugs dust worship in now less than ever crazysane

7 nervous twitch forgive yourself some people never change reckless yes

8 heave hungover hungover / radar autoproduction

9 ultra lover holy ghost faith healer autoproduction

10 gilla band eight fivers most normal rough trade

11 automotion dithyramb ecstatic oscillations autoproduction

11 modern rituals scummeth cracking of the bulk god unknown

12 modern woman ford ford end of the road

13 bodega everybody´s sad xtra equipment what´s your rupture?

14 sniffany & the nits clam chowder the unscratchable itch prah

15 nuggiez u agaisnt u toil in the time of monsters autoproduction

17 schleu pigomaniac lying in the wrong coffin cheap satanism

18 werewolf diet hormone dust werewolf diet autoproduction

19 white hills silent violence the revenge of heads on fire heads on fire

20 humour yeah, mud! yeah, mud! so young

21 fun isn´t fair we are mock surreal autoproduction

22 spacemoth round in loops no past no future wax nine

23 alien witch road to hell some these days i´ll be gone autoproduction

24 dandaure ideona decline rude nada araki

25 vendettas idle living idle living cowboy à la mode

26 enablers year of the dog some gift wrong speed

27 wailin storms in the heart of the sea the silver snakes unfold antena krzyku

28 52 hertz whale phil present sense impression weltschmerzen

29 nuggiez twisted patterns toil in the time of monsters autoproduction

30 sniffany & the nits frog legs the unscratchable itch prah

Artiste: nuggiez
Album: toil in the time of monsters
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: sniffany & the nits
Album: the unscratchable itch
Label: prah

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