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  EMISSION DU 24/07/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pyncher slow down chew autoproduction

2 venus twins return to dust return to dust autoproduction

3 glaas concrete coffin qualm static shock

4 sheafs en route distress a happy medium autoproduction

5 mushfoot stay on it time before land moone

6 maud anyways boil boil autoproduction

7 mood punch echo chamber bad faith stock

8 fuzzy bless fire demos autoproduction

9 facet 44 44 autoproduction

10 ribbon stage playing possum hit with the most perennial death

11 lucy & the drill holes it´s not my war it´s not my war metal postcard

11 fabulous weapon westernphilliacs highway killerz autoproduction

12 flogging a dead one horse town steve some bastards muzai

13 the male idiot theory i don´t need friends mit discos peroquébien

14 glaas i´m the problem qualm static shock

15 sheafs losing all inhibitions a happy medium autoproduction

17 girls in synthesis watch with mother the rest is distraction resident

18 chevalier surprise bla bla bla morceau de bravoure autoproduction

19 tramhaus night shift night shift v11

20 eosine onyx obsidian jaune orange

21 gut model new tatoo new tatoo autoproduction

22 veik chullachaqui surrounding structures fuzz club

23 italia 90 dino (dangerous in name only) dino (dangerous in name only) autoproduction

24 the psychotic monks confusions private meaning first vicious circle

25 under the reefs sakurajima sakurajima capitane

26 heimat ita zwei teenage menopause

27 torpedo hell orpheo_nebula broken clover

28 glaas easy living qualm static shock

29 sheafs spectator a happy medium autoproduction

Artiste: sheafs
Album: a happy medium
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: glaas
Album: qualm
Label: static shock

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