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  EMISSION DU 14/08/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kikker trash trash death monkey

2 chroma caru. cyffuriau. llygread gweledol libertino

3 kamikaze nurse stimuloso stimuloso mint

4 wowza in kalamazoo oh hell why you don´t come around autoproduction

5 tofusmell shower song shower song hardly art

6 half hexagon modern life (live) modern life (live) autoproduction

7 qitsch all you said everything is like everything order05records

8 das kapitans to the sea (single version) to the sea (single version) socks on

9 julie through your window pg.4 a picture of three hedges/through your window autoproduction

10 idi et amin i wanna bereave candy suck autoproduction

11 twin drugs world fell off in now less than ever crazysane

11 kill your boyfriend the king voodoo sister 9

12 the khats two cats scratch this! metal postcard

13 thyroids exclusively reclusive a swift kick in the ass turkey baster

14 kamikaze nurse aileen stimuloso mint

15 wowza in kalamazoo stella rondo why you don´t come around autoproduction

17 bring her in time we´re downtide comfort in the shame knife hits

18 trip pilots stargazing stargazing autoproduction

19 rocco and his bones and charger port web of time orb autoproduction

20 lassiters the charred remains of gusso the clown the charred remains of gusso the clown rat run

21 kal marks my life is a freak show my name is hell exploding in sound

22 the oscillation spiral up singularity zones vol.2 autoproduction

23 the black angels without a trace wilderness of mirrors partisan

24 ismatic guru the man´s all thumbs ii swimming faith

25 jim nothing yellow house in the marigolds melted ice cream

26 cb3 daydreams exploration majestic mountain

27 wowza in kalamazoo welcome in why you don´t come around autoproduction

28 kamikaze nurse p & o stimuloso mint

Artiste: wowza in kalamazoo
Album: why you don´t come around
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: kamikaze nurse
Album: stimuloso
Label: mint

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