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  EMISSION DU 21/08/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 thick something went wrong happy now epitaph

2 loobs hour by hour word to the wise poison city

3 mcqqeen mexico will pay ii big neck

4 still/form from the rot is a gift from the rot is a gift hex

5 hidden eyes so far overextended autoproduction

6 koura luciferin luciferin autoproduction

7 heavenbound sweet sixteens heavenbound autoproduction

8 milo´s planes wreaths belly autoproduction

9 other half slump v/a: negative measures / other half split venn

10 meat wave what would you like me to do malign hex big scary monsters

11 ribbon stage stone heart blue hit with the most perennial death

11 apollo fright train fright train khannibalism

12 nervous twitch we don´t care some people never change reckless yes

13 enablers phone blows up some gift wrong speed

14 still/form pig´s end from the rot is a gift hex

15 mcqqeen stockholm syndrome ii big neck

17 splint military procedures military procedures nice swan

18 baby cool magic magic bad vibrations

19 kai & the herectics suits dark agendas autoproduction

20 big scout arthur fuxake council sport melted ice cream

21 die! die! die! smelter smelter autoproduction

22 the hanged man the weaver tear it all pnkslm

23 snakes don´t belong in alaska spectral attraction interstellic psychedelic up in her room

24 the drin reach through the midnight down river in the distance mangel

25 al pacinos sister downfall dogz autoproduction

26 gateway process greet the wizard sea legs ep autoproduction

27 still/form hydrate from the rot is a gift hex

28 mcqqeen peace officer ii big neck

29 half hexagon ism ism autoproduction

Artiste: mcqqeen
Album: ii
Label: big neck

Artiste: still/form
Album: from the rot is a gift
Label: hex

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