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  EMISSION DU 04/09/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 rocco and his bones and charger port nd-exp orb autoproduction

2 oddly alligator v/a: japan is loud adult swim

3 dale kerrigan stormy 1 the water trace / untrace

4 enablers beam some gift wrong speed

5 aluminum windowpane windowpane ep dandy boy

6 aerofall heads rh hands and moment

7 red pants century phaser gentle centuries painted blonde

8 buhran paranoid buhran deluxe autoproduction

9 kagu my decision all here / my decision autoproduction

10 total luck ramble ramble border country

11 magic shoppe a star turns blue patty hearse e.p. cardinal fuzz

11 firefriend acid rain high-speed clouds infrared autoproduction

12 neu!_and zauberkraut & beatmusik zauberkraut & beatmusik the gold force

13 //less negative authority negative authority off white house

14 soft shoulder blue and yellow bulbs a quarter of a twelves on one half of ten deliberate indifferrence

15 dale kerrigan stormy 2 the water trace / untrace

17 enablers suburban death march some gift wrong speed

18 amateur hour feel my loneliness krötka tanhar och brända vanor appetite

19 count florida sweet 16 last selfie autoproduction

20 the wrs do it capicúa rockerill

21 fake indians what goes on what goes on ronny rex

22 hotmom ding dang music! on tv crass lips

23 monolithe noir landmaerck rin capitane

24 downtime glassite neurotics autoproduction

25 raw optics skullbasher skullbasher autoproduction

26 cowman hydrant slaughter cruel nature

27 enablers willard to kurtz some gift wrong speed

28 dale kerrigan bad grades the water trace / untrace

29 non plus temps continuous hinge desire choir post present medium

Artiste: dale kerrigan
Album: the water
Label: trace / untrace

Artiste: enablers
Album: some gift
Label: wrong speed

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