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  EMISSION DU 11/09/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mvll crimes foods i don´t evt you embvrrvss me cursed blessings

2 cool sorcery dddelirium with love, maggie syf

3 manic vila shit form litter bin inferno autoproduction

4 grave goods source tuesday. nothing exists. tulle

5 tan cologne orbs earth visions of water spaces labrador

6 devilish dear evidence army of nothing midsummer madness

7 julie pg.4 a picture of three hedges pg.4 a picture of three hedges/through your window autoproduction

8 laurel canyon drop out drop out / tangiers nuclear banana

9 anxious wave executive dissector live from the poison factory nefarious industries

10 grandmas house body body brace yourself

11 water from your eyes stepping out structure demos autoproduction

11 no age compact flashes people helping people drag city

12 body of leaves equation equation autoproduction

13 secret shopper surrounded holy roller ep autoproduction

14 grave goods none tuesday. nothing exists. tulle

15 manic vila skipping through the park on a sunny day litter bin inferno autoproduction

17 tsunami tsurprise frankenhooker tsunami tsurprise scary uncle

18 minami deutsch your pulse fortune goodies guruguru brain

19 seio nage grappling me softly the gentle way autoproduction

20 highway stacy we´re running away 303-3/22 autoproduction

21 muscle vest solitary life hot hot hate prank monkey

22 tekla goldman dance macabre tekla goldman tekla

23 szacunek podziel podziel koty

24 bzdet katovitze klamca syf

25 gloin shoot to kill we found this mothland

26 chihuahua mario battisti crythor du cruel nature

27 grave goods die tuesday. nothing exists. tulle

28 manic vila some kinda day litter bin inferno autoproduction

Artiste: manic vila
Album: litter bin inferno
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: grave goods
Album: tuesday. nothing exists.
Label: tulle

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