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  EMISSION DU 25/09/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lobsterbomb lifeline lifeline duchess box

2 sutros gravesitter triaged autoproduction

3 die! die! die! no season smelter autoproduction

4 ioana iorgu worries mean time autoproduction

5 mellie free field i have ideas, too adagio 830

6 pale dian melt feral birth green witch

7 girls in synthesis my husband the rest is distraction own it

8 dead senses the ignored city demo - fall 2022 autoproduction

9 seaxes hello memphis v/a: die twice (seaxes / iron linings split) the ghost is clear

10 red pants paper moon gentle centuries painted blonde

11 ftr right wave vicky vivid experience icy cold

11 nossiennes unisons liminal ep shore dive

12 worker and parasite the silent majority politics: a case study of the nexus between populism, apathy & exploitation party press

13 club lex handsome killer handsome killer autoproduction

14 blonde revolver the list the list autoproduction

15 ioana iorgu snake mean time autoproduction

17 radiant aspettami ora jarane

18 modern stars drowning space trips for the masses little cloud

19 the luna moth lamb exit all the transients

20 katzkab turn on exercices de décorporation n°1: articulation spatio-temporelle mandibulaire autoproduction

21 omni of halos empty shell omni of halos lövely

22 the drin big city, real time down river in the distance mangel

23 kill your boyfriend the man in black voodoo sister 9

24 organs & christopher owens conduits organs & christopher owens ep autoproduction

25 alpha strategy the caressing cloth the caressing cloth autoproduction

26 usa nails horror show v/a: sounds to make you shudder! skin graft

27 ioana iorgu knots mean time autoproduction

Artiste: ioana iorgu
Album: mean time
Label: autoproduction

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