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  EMISSION DU 02/10/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 gut health inner norm electric party chrome girl marthouse

2 antibroth octogernarian geetr antibroth autoproduction

3 takomaha hatechants takomaha autoproduction

4 torpedo the fall orpheo_nebula broken clover

5 aerofall stunning haze rh hands and moment

6 magic shoppe patty hearse patty hearse e.p. cardinal fuzz

7 stargazer crisis psychosis comedown // elevate autoproduction

8 nearly dead death party death party autoproduction

9 hot wives king of crooks shells autoproduction

10 other half like a dog soft action big scary monsters

11 ryann gonsalves scared little shit ryann gonsalves discontinuous innovation inc.

11 the gabys theresa the gabys fruits & flowers

12 ribbon stage exaltation hit with the most perennial death

13 sooks no captain sooks - demo 22 richter scale

14 happy2000 behind closed doors behind closed doors honeymooner

15 torpedo désert orpheo_nebula broken clover

17 asbest autodigestion cyanide a tree in a field

18 the psychotic monks post-post- pink colour surgery vicious circle

19 füxa help me please covered in stars rocket girl

20 jjuujjuu daisy chain daisy chain autoproduction

21 shelf lives shirts & salads shirts & salads autoproduction

22 humour alive and well pure misery ep so young

23 kombynat robotron mantel v/a: kombynat robotron / arcane allies split cardinal fuzz

24 drill for absentee hums strand of a lake, vol. 1 fonoradar

25 hammered hulls rights and reproduction careening dischord

26 torpedo poem orpheo_nebula broken clover

Artiste: torpedo
Album: orpheo_nebula
Label: broken clover

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