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  EMISSION DU 06/11/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 king orange patriot & father another collapse in the park autoproduction

2 pretty happy boots echo boy foggy notions

3 wipes always making friends hex

4 el universo monkeys & apes el universo (reissue 2022) echodelick

5 the sorry kisses on the mountain hang from a star autoproduction

6 joetsu shore sparklers décembre autoproduction

7 mammock boiling frog rust venerate industries

8 trigger cut landlord soot autoproduction

9 ÿperitiff 99 > 1 life si bosch lärmo

10 nightshift made of earth made of earth autoproduction

11 positive thinking words words autoproduction

12 the early mornings ultra-modern rain ultra-modern rain practise music

13 plomb bright life bright life autoproduction

14 shux (i don´t wanna) indoor toilet chonks missing a.t. field

15 wipes discarded making friends hex

16 el universo red moon el universo (reissue 2022) echodelick

17 foaming the cruise demo 2022 autoproduction

18 w.i.l.t. blank page author demonstration autoproduction

19 constant cold war intruder v/a: neues aus der adk billo

20 subsol mosquito low flying birds autoproduction

21 horse lords mess mend comradely objects rvng intl.

22 realbadrealfast give the people what they want educational instruction ep autoproduction

23 seaxes sand v/a: die twice (seaxes / iron linings split) the ghost is clear

24 heather trost the devil nevers sleeps desert flowers ba da bing !

25 the hanged man swim tear it all pnkslm

26 crush of souls behind this tongue spellwound autoproduction

27 los llamarada me and you and the land space and time registros el derrumbe

28 wipes who are you making friends hex

29 el universo iss el universo (reissue 2022) echodelick

Artiste: el universo
Album: el universo (reissue 2022)
Label: echodelick

Artiste: wipes
Album: making friends
Label: hex

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