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  EMISSION DU 13/11/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lambrini girls help me i´m gay help me i´m gay big scary monsters

2 cassette apes tv dinner past lives and hot knives rare vitamin

3 delivery picture this forever giving handshakes anti fade

4 ad interim highlights a series of edits autoproduction

5 half gift on the hook on the hook suitable noise

6 cigarettes for breakfast the sun join the circus autoproduction

7 swallow the rat other rooms (feat. yuko miyoshi) other rooms / realised (feat. yuko miyoshi) autoproduction

8 the black black work v/a: songs about new york (the black black / kissed by an animal split) ewel

9 dastard skink horselip hognose

10 dorsette print culture scopes autoproduction

11 krälfe the end of our time gravity sucks rent a record company

12 rive droite country club beach betty pop snacks autoproduction

13 naked objects clock clock autoproduction

14 new confusion sinking feeling you are the river autoproduction

15 ad interim ballast a series of edits autoproduction

16 delivery no homes forever giving handshakes anti fade

17 beige banquet acid bath acid bath just step sideways

18 half hexagon the beast half hexagon ep autoproduction

19 eskimo lunettes koi no yokan fourth autoproduction

20 tramhaus amour amour rotterdam autoproduction

21 cave deco sidework get out already dead tapes

22 zone six full mental jacket full mental jacket sulatron

23 memes leader leader autoproduction

24 penkowski human auto dreams final destination disneyland fiasko ltd.

25 pierre lecarpentier dancer in the dark dancer in the dark autoproduction

26 kulku hoodoo blues fahren phase group

27 maruja thunder thunder autoproduction

28 ad interim objects a series of edits autoproduction

29 delivery no balconies forever giving handshakes anti fade

Artiste: delivery
Album: forever giving handshakes
Label: anti fade

Artiste: ad interim
Album: a series of edits
Label: autoproduction

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