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  EMISSION DU 20/11/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 weeping icon two ways ocelli fire talk

2 thee headshrinkers get your weapon get your weapon autoproduction

3 shake chain copy me snake chain upset the rhythm

4 crowd of chairs becalm defluencer labelman

5 the dharma chain his head his head anomic

6 the black underground people talk too much aluminum hipster autoproduction

7 pretty happy conn boxing echo boy foggy notions

8 kitchen´s floor blood none of that eternal soundcheck

9 docile bodies voyeurism voyeurism / monolith à la carte

10 holy clang the doctor holy clang ep 2 autoproduction

11 krstní otcovia references references vlna

12 the john pauls didn´t i bon mots aagoo

13 gen pop senseless action beat session vol 09 shout

14 modecenter spiritual peace siluh

15 crowd of chairs the sun is making noise defluencer labelman

16 shake chain arthur snake chain upset the rhythm

17 snooper powerball town topic electric outlet

18 kombynat robotron moder dickfehler studio treffen 2 drone rock

19 tvod goldfish goldfish autoproduction

20 italia 90 tales from beyond living human treasure brace yourself

21 polevaulter bills bills bills bills bills bills autoproduction

22 blacklisters the wrong way home leisure centre exploding in sound

23 pree tone heavier than usual heavier than usual autoproduction

24 smirk material world´s unfair material feel it

25 shake chain internet snake chain upset the rhythm

26 crowd of chairs lemonface defluencer labelman

27 rider/horse pretend you´re the worker feed ´em salt ever/never

Artiste: crowd of chairs
Album: defluencer
Label: labelman

Artiste: shake chain
Album: snake chain
Label: upset the rhythm

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