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  EMISSION DU 27/11/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 nylon club one girl, thirteen cigarettes nylon club autoproduction

2 dick dudley dog park dog park sureshake

3 rider/horse public coward feed ´em salt ever/never

4 summer of hate dying tide love is dead! long live love autoproduction

5 floorshow white noise white noise autoproduction

6 extravision our city land of a thousand unwelcomed advances autoproduction

7 desperate living commit to shame reptilian

8 la glissiere rmmr autobaños kunstwaffe

9 lassiters scorned thrice the charred remains of gusso the clown rat run

10 index for working musik wagner dragging the needlework for the kids at uphole tough love

11 black market karma the sky wal all diseased (feat. tess parks) friends in noise flower power

12 syupeo jenjang dany moonlight anthems autoproduction

13 billy zach no progression a momentary bliss la pochette surprise

14 no men rude fear this autoproduction

15 rider/horse rotting profits feed ´em salt ever/never

16 summer of hate não sei love is dead! long live love autoproduction

17 collider figuring excessively worthwhile escho

18 the silence winter winter autoproduction

19 ward candy tin can rabbit tin can rabbit ep autoproduction

20 nuha ruby ra self portraiture machine like me brace yourself

21 swallow the rat realised (feat. yuko miyoshi) other rooms / realised (feat. yuko miyoshi) autoproduction

22 panic shack it´s good to be back metronomy : small world (special edition) because music

23 hearts and rockets clown town v/a: hearts and rockets / skink tank split psychic hysteria

24 neptunian maximalism the conference of the stars - (part two : the ascension) finis gloriae mundi i, voidhanger

25 lumer english team english team autoproduction

26 alien witch never felt like this before submission is a gift autoproduction

27 w!zard despite despite a tant rêver du roi

28 rider/horse you lose track feed ´em salt ever/never

29 summer of hate ecstasy (redux) love is dead! long live love autoproduction

Artiste: summer of hate
Album: love is dead! long live love
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: rider/horse
Album: feed ´em salt
Label: ever/never

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