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  EMISSION DU 22/01/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hauspoints dead frog road bloody interference big mon

2 bibione my heart is full of hate quattro formaggi order05records

3 split silk sage split silk autoproduction

4 kha! wise souls ghoulish sex tape autoproduction

5 linn worth it felte dimension autoproduction

6 god told me good impression good impression autoproduction

7 koura pastures red asters autoproduction

8 pleasure cube iggy pop mailman cube autoproduction

9 stalled a conduit for this coventment conventment candlepin

10 thus love put on dog put on dog captured tracks

11 shana cleveland faces in the firelight manzanita hardly art

12 the early mornings love´s not hard ultra-modern rain practise music

13 tulpa ricochet ricochet / telescopes autoproduction

14 scary scare i smoke ants first fright autoproduction

15 kha! my hands ghoulish sex tape autoproduction

16 split silk diuretic split silk autoproduction

17 split silk fluorescents split silk autoproduction

18 mspaint delete it post-american convulse

19 hi price lawyers you have been departed hi price lawyers autoproduction

20 the exorcist gbg saturnius iii höga nord

21 italia 90 new factory living human treasure brace yourself

22 cabin on pluto quotes new world disorder autoproduction

23 hwy! racer racer atomic dreams autoproduction

24 silver biplanes uas 29396 a moment in the sun wiaiwya

25 carver asshole crown of bunckes of grapes a tant rêver du roi

26 mira calls pebble in the shoe pebble in the shoe autoproduction

27 vautre krautz work work work autoproduction

28 firefriend decreation facts for everyone in orbit autoproduction

29 asbest dystopium cyanide a tree in a field

30 golden hours come and find me golden hours fuzz club

31 kha! robert ghoulish sex tape autoproduction

32 split silk donna split silk autoproduction

Artiste: kha!
Album: ghoulish sex tape
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: split silk
Album: split silk
Label: autoproduction

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