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  EMISSION DU 05/03/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 es swallowed whole fantasy upset the rhythm

2 nils hagstrom exosphere surfer highly confidential autoproduction

3 the guilty pleasures dan thomas is dead proto lazer music dushtu

4 hands up who wants to die late cormorant fishing nil all human worth

5 gloss headache four cover demo autoproduction

6 feeble little horse tin man girl with fish saddle creek

7 m281 shard shard autoproduction

8 chiyoda ku deal with it selecta perpective autoproduction

9 ex orgie alien key v/a: flennen n°.14 flennen

10 only fools and corpses syls ii pissant autoproduction

11 miscellaneous owl lipstick on little fires autoproduction

12 sparkler silly things big sonic chill flesh & bone

13 errorr just another self destruct anomic

14 stress palace blood moon stress palace the ghost is clear

15 hands up who wants to die god´s favourite nil all human worth

16 the guilty pleasures haunted forest proto lazer music dushtu

17 the high span nee naw the high span spinout nuggets

18 expriest where the light ends pastel hymns autoproduction

19 ivan the tolerable on leaving toft house session stolen body

20 marcel playroom charivari luik

21 holy clang now yr talking holy clang ep3 autoproduction

22 here & elsewhere bz 5 bleating zonk autoproduction

23 chum beefcake doctrine metaphysical crackedankles

24 the turin horse the regret song unsavory impurities invisible order

25 fox medicine dolly dolluxe dolly dolluxe autoproduction

26 rough image lunar embassy pt.2 rough image psyche delta productions

27 catalogue synchronized modern delusion ganache

28 the guilty pleasures egg monster proto lazer music dushtu

29 hands up who wants to die ludger sylbaris nil all human worth

30 the gray stanleys complicated complicated autoproduction

Artiste: the guilty pleasures
Album: proto lazer music
Label: dushtu

Artiste: hands up who wants to die
Album: nil all
Label: human worth

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