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  EMISSION DU 12/03/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jambuka aproposeur kowtown autoproduction

2 scam likely personal scam likely refry

3 cava toothache damage control buback

4 the eurosuite seven sorry human worth

5 library card sunflowers sunflowers katzwijm

6 neon kittens loving your neighbours´s wife fucking your neighbours wife metal postcard

7 annabel lee high anxiety drift humpty dumpty

8 bad news first under the father under the father autoproduction

9 shy talk the sun shy talk autoproduction

10 problem patterns who do we not save? who do we not save? alcopop!

11 glia on the take happens all the time candlepin

12 super napkin painjoy coz i love you autoproduction

13 kosmetika psycho tv illustration spoilsport

14 bad//dreems see you tomorrow hoo ha! farmer & the owl

15 the eurosuite total sorry human worth

16 cava imaginary dinner damage control buback

17 the van pelt grid artisans & merchants spartan

18 the telescopes butterfly of tomorrow tapete

19 sqürl berlin ´87 silver haze sacred bones

20 eyesore & the jinx an ideas man an ideas man / do what you love autoproduction

21 treeboy & arc retirement natural habitat clue

22 llamame la muerte brouillard de fantômes brouillard de fantômes autoproduction

23 legss the landlord the landlord autoproduction

24 inksuit i can´t swallow pills found sounds sessions found sounds

25 naked objects instance dub isolate autoproduction

26 zwei null zwei productivity productivity // no preference autoproduction

27 the eurosuite the dream sorry human worth

28 cava no way back damage control buback

29 gonies the groogler the groogler autoproduction

Artiste: cava
Album: damage control
Label: buback

Artiste: the eurosuite
Album: sorry
Label: human worth

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