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  EMISSION DU 04/06/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 grrrl gang spunky! spunky! trapped animal

2 nothingheads beam engine sunlit uplands just step sideways

3 m281 broken glass m281 autoproduction

4 love songs divine june moon death "41" ep autoproduction

5 velvet sunset go kid go kid autoproduction

6 elaine malone moontread moontread pizza pizza

7 telephone exchange lingote de chorizo (cynical neurosis) lingote de chorizo (cynical neurosis) autoproduction

8 vangas every day is the same vangas chunklet industries

9 spirito di lupo spirito selvaggio vedola tua faccia nei giornidi pioggia la vida es un mus

10 montegrande ciudad de las luces ciudad de las luces autoproduction

11 sunflower heaven i hate you all send the heavens crying autoproduction

12 endlessendless recording 8 sound check recording 8. autoproduction

13 touch excellent record record autoproduction

14 pons coral king coral king dedstrange

15 m281 4260 m281 autoproduction

16 love songs divine i´m fooling death "41" ep autoproduction

17 night rites waiting for my spaceman waiting for my spaceman autoproduction

18 bad eyes smax banned in ict autoproduction

19 ken mode the shrike void artoffact

20 ashinoa oma gamara stellar frequencies sessions stellar frequencies

21 apex ten dazed aashray autoproduction

22 treeboy & arc behind the curtain natural habitat clue

23 bone stimulator keep your eye on the ball keep your eye on the ball punk valley

24 pir nils iv jordskugga ouyee bayou

25 luna vega mbo (syncboy remix) trash / mbo remixes autoproduction

26 priors narcolepsy daffodil mothland

27 destiny bond chew be my vengeance convulse

28 col play something scary play something scary autoproduction

29 m281 disruption m281 autoproduction

30 love songs divine lost traveler death "41" ep autoproduction

Artiste: love songs divine
Album: death "41" ep
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: m281
Album: m281
Label: autoproduction

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