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  EMISSION DU 11/06/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 water machine water machine pt. ii raw liquid power upset the rhythm

2 romcom car alarm future nuisance autoproduction

3 bo gritz liquid crystal chroma glasshouse

4 mirror revelations amoenus aura cardinal fuzz

5 blush all i wanna do all i wanna do no sleep

6 wombo in situ slab ep fire talk

7 longings expensive graves dreams in red don giovanni

8 porcelain c.o.a. c.o.a. autoproduction

9 peel i fuck you the spectacle of perpetual motion autoproduction

10 anika warm rain (planetary part i) eat liquid liquid milk

11 computerwife lexapro computerwife danger collective

12 cold venus revisited keep breathing keep breating autoproduction

13 tv cult party´s over colony flight 13

14 roid rage dead submarine dead submarine autoproduction

15 bo gritz chopped chroma glasshouse

16 mirror revelations break the circles aura cardinal fuzz

17 cigarettes for breakfast up join the circus autoproduction

18 lifeguard alarm crowd can talk + dressed in trenches matador

19 problem patterns letter of resignation blouse club alcopop!

20 kombynat robotron delta v/a: kombynat robotron / dunddw split echodelick

21 self-immolation music hearing voices infinity trip delicious clam

22 hover rustman songs to confused loved ones autoproduction

23 runt visions of gore cult of the forgotten forbidden place

24 neoplastic love, barely love, barely autoproduction

25 la jungle la compagnie de la chanson blurry landscapes rockerill

26 stakattak knock knock this real stadskanker

27 kreuzschmerzen fear cowards heaven autoproduction

28 the poison arrows asynchronous empire of isotopes crime and soda solid brass

29 drama véu véu / odeio meia-vida

30 bo gritz coldbath chroma glasshouse

31 mirror revelations el portal aura cardinal fuzz

Artiste: mirror revelations
Album: aura
Label: cardinal fuzz

Artiste: bo gritz
Album: chroma
Label: glasshouse

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